Bot Hockey

Official Rules

Version 0.2 5/28/2005


Bot Hockey is an exciting and challenging game featuring teams of remote controlled robots competing to score goals using a puck similar to those used in street hockey. The game rewards teamwork and driving skill more than exotic materials and expensively built robots.

Three classes of robot are used in Bot Hockey to allow players of all ages and skill levels to compete and have fun. Bot Hockey is played on a flat playing field similar in layout and proportions to an ice hockey rink. The rules are a very simplified version of ice/street hockey rules with additions for the nature of the robotic players.

A central team registry known as the Bot Hockey League or BHL ( exists to provide a global standings system for the teams and a convenient location for tournament organizers to register teams for their events. More details on the robots, rules, and playing field can be found in the following sections.


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California Insect Bots.