Interested in building and competing in Bot Hockey? Well, here's a quick, cheap, and simple way for you to get one up and going.

First a few quick notes.

It is not mandatory for your Hockey Bot to be able to shoot the puck, you can push it around. It is not required that you have an expensive FM radio system for your Hockey Bot. AM and FM radio systems are accepted for Bot Hockey.

1) Download the rules for Bot Hockey and read them.



2) Next get yourself an electric RC car or truck from your local Hobby Store, Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, Zellers or any number of other stores that sell RC cars. A cheap one will probably cost about $50 to $100.

3) Undo all those screws that hold the body in place. If your afraid to remove the body....its no big issue....just leave it on.

4) If you pulled the body off, get some sheet aluminum from one of the salvage yards (about $1-$2 per pound) and make some sort of cool body for your Hockey Bot. It should have some sort of wedge or scoop on the front and back. If you left the body on....get a couple of small chunks of sheet aluminum and make some sort of wedge or scoop for the front and back and just attach them to the existing body using screws, nylon ty-wraps (zip ties), rivets or what ever else seems to work.

5) Paint it so it looks super cool!

6) Give it a name.

7) Download the Entry forms and the Competitor Waiver/Agreement.

8) Fill out the entry forms and mail them in with your entry fees.

9) Practice your driving skills as much as you can until the event.

Adapted from: Http://

California Insect Bots.